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What is a JEITA A measuring standard?

What is a JEITA A measuring standard?

    JEITA A stands for Japan Electronic Information Technology Association (Ver 1.0).
    JEITA A measuring standard is based on the following conditions:
     1. Complete Prepare your VAIO
     2. Exit VAIO Gate
     3. Screen saver: None
     4. Volume control: Mute
     5. Switch off the Wireless LAN switch
     6. Complete the initial settings of McAfee SecurityCenter
     7. Turn off the Windows automatic updates
     8. Exit all Desktop Gadgets
     9. Set the desktop background to VAIO Long Battery Life Wallpaper
    10. Set Taskbar appearance to Auto-hide the taskbar
    11. Exit VAIO Smart Network
    12. Complete the settings of TransferJet
    13. Set Create Recovery Discs to Don't remind me again
    14. Move the shortcuts to Recycle Bin
    15. Minimize the Language bar
    16. Solve issues of Action Center
    17. Check off all the settings of VAIO Update
    18. Choose to Hide icon and notifications or Only show nortifications about setting the icon on the taskbar.
    19. Check on for Computer Maintenance
         Computer Maintenance can be accessed in Control Panel -> All Control Panel Items ->  Trableshooting -> change settings 

    Common settings in Control Panel -> Power Options

    * Power Plan
      Select Power saver 

      Edit Plan Settings 
        Dim the display: Never
        Turn off the display: Never
        Put the computer to sleep: Never 
        Adjust plan brightness: Minimum (Far left)

    * VAIO Power Management 
      Go to Change advanced power settings -> VAIO Power Management -> Running on batteries 
        Color quality: Select Medium (16 bit)
        Note that other detailed settings in Advanced settings tab were customized in measurement. 

    * Display Brightness
    Change the brightness level to 0 with Fn & F5 or F6 key.