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What is a JEITA A measuring standard?

What is a JEITA A measuring standard?

    JEITA A stands for Japan Electronic Information Technology Association (Ver 1.0).
    JEITA A measuring standard is based on the following conditions:
    1. Screen saver: None.
    2. Volume control: Mute.
    3. Switch off the Wireless LAN switch.
    4. Complete the initial settings of McAfee Security Center
    5. Turn off the Windows automatic updates
    6. Go to Control Panel -> Power Options

    * Power Plan
    1. Select Power saver 

    * Edit Plan Settings 
    Select Change plan settings and edit the following settings:
    1. Turn off the display: Never
    2. Put the computer to sleep: Never

    * VAIO Power Management 
    Go to Change advanced power settings -> VAIO Power Management tab
    Detailed settings in Advanced settings tab were customized in measurement. 

    * Power Options
    1. Go to VAIO Control Center
    2. Go to Power Management -> Power Options
    3. Unselect Automatically enter Hibernate mode when battery is low.

    JEITA Measuring Method A: 
    * Display Brightness
    Change the brightness level to 2 with Fn & F5 or F6 key.