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How to reduce the noises that may occur during a recording?

    Reducing the noises that may occur during a recording

    Noises that occur during a recording refers to hissing noises specific to cassette tapes, the crackling noise typical to analog records and the humming noise coming from the power supply.
    Song recordings using automatic noise reduction function will not require additional noise reduction process.
    The humming noise coming from the power supply, however, cannot be reduced totally using the automatic noise reduction function.

    The steps below may reduce the noise that occurs during recording:
    1. At the track panel, click Edit.
    2. Click on the desired song and click Noise Reduction.
    3. Select the desired option on the noise type to reduce.
    4. Drag the noise reduction slider to desired level for noise reduction effect.
    Dragging to the left will have weaker noise reduction effect while dragging towards the right will have a stronger effect.
    Note: When the Hum Noise option is selected, select either 50Hz or 60Hz option for Power supply frequency in use.
    5. Click Play and click OK.