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How to format the player?

Formatting player.

    If you format the player, all data will be erased and all settings will be returned to the default status.


    • Formatting is available only while playback is stopped.
    • If the OPR lamp lights red due to low remaining battery power, the player cannot be formatted.
    • All data stored on the player will be erased.
    • The Content Transfer software included with the player will also be deleted. If necessary, download Content Transfer from the customer support web site.
    • The settings of shuffle playback, playlist playback, ZAPPIN playback, and AVLS (volume limit) also return to their defaults.
    1. Unite the left and right parts to turn off the player.
    2. Separate the left and right parts.
    3. Press and hold the jog lever for about 15 seconds until the status lamp blinks quickly. Release the jog lever. The OPR lamp lights red.
    4. Move the jog lever forward or backward within 30 seconds after the OPR lamp lights red.
      The status lamp turns off. The OPR lamp lights alternately green and red each time you move the jog lever.
    5. Press the jog lever while the OPR lamp lights green. The OPR lamp blinks green quickly and formatting is executed. When the OPR lamp turns off, formatting is complete. If you press the jog lever while the OPR lamp lights red, or if 30 seconds have passed, formatting will be canceled.