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How to create seals and cards?

    To create seals and cards.

    Seals and cards can be done using Print Studio of PictureGear Studio.

    Please refer to the steps below:
    1. Click Start and click All Programs -> PictureGear Studio -> Tool -> Print Studio.
    2. Click Create.
    3. Select the desired type of work such as seal, name card or card.
    Select Card in this example.
    4. Select the given paper type.
    * The list of recently used paper can be shown by clicking Recently used paper.
    5. From the displayed list, select a given design.
    6. To create a seal card, enter a given name and click Enter.
    * The name can be edited through the Decor window.
    7. To create a name card, enter a given job title and click Enter.
    * The title name can be edited through the Decor window.
    8. Once completed, click Print.
    9. Select the printer and set the number of prints.
    10. Click Print and click OK.