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Why can't I enable the settings of [Use Personalized menus] on Windows Me?

    Why can't I enable the settings of [Use Personalized menus]?
    Why doesn't the setting take effect immediately even though I have checked the [Use Personalized menus] box?

    Continue using your machine as it is and the setting will take effect, even though it depends on the usage frequency of the setting.

    Part of the applications displayed by priority on the [Start] menu when you check the [Use Personalized menus] box are selected based on the frequency of use for each application that is accumulated on the hard disk drive.

    Once the setting is enabled, the computer starts to accumulate information on the frequency of use for that application that you usually utilise. Since it takes some time for the information to be accumulated, the setting will not take effect immediately.

    On the other hand, if you re-set your system with the Recovery CD-ROM and check the [Use Personalized menus] box, all the menus will be displayed since the system does not have any information of the usage frequency.

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    Title: Enabling "Use Personalized Menus" Setting Does Not Take Effect Immediately