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Why can't I turn on my VAIO computer or use the modem after a stroke of lightning?I cannot use the modem either.

    Why can't I turn on my computer after a stroke of lightning?
    I was able to use the Internet on my computer but why does the modem become unusable and I'm not able to connect to the Internet after a stroke of lightning?

    The stroke of lightning could have caused damage to the computer if it suddenly becomes impossible to turn on the computer or use the modem, even though settings have never been changed.

    The computer should be repaired if it was damaged by lightning. Please contact your local Support Desk to arrange for repair on a charge basis.

    When it starts thundering, do not touch the telephone code and the power cable to avoid possible electric shock.

    - When it thunders, abnormal voltage called "indirect lightning stroke" happens sometimes even to electric lines and telephone lines that have not been directly struck by lightning. This "indirect lighting stroke" is passed to computers via AC power supply and/or telephone lines, and destroys computers sometimes.
    - Repair of VAIO computers that are damaged due to fire, earthquake, stroke of lightning, other acts of God, pollution, salt damage and abnormal voltage will be chargeable.