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Mouse cursor sometimes flashes or disappears and becomes unstable.

    Mouse cursor is flashing or disappeared when an animation such as game is displayed in the screen.
    Also it becomes unstable when the heavy task is performed in OS.

    An appearance of the mouse cursor may become unstable when the system works for a heavy operation, if you use software cursor.

    In the initial shipment state, a mouse cursor is carried out with the function that possessed in the graphical appearance equipment. It is called [Hardware Cursor].
    However, when you turn on the pointer trail or change pointer shape, cursor does not use graphical appearance equipment, and OS carries out its function. It is called [Software Cursor].

    When you use hardware cursor, the appearance does not become unstable even though you work on the heavy task.
    However, when you use software cursor and work on the heavy task such as displaying animation, the cursor does not catch up its appearance and seems to be flashing or disappear.