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How to record an audio CD to the hard disk drive and to register it to a playlist?

    SonicStage Ver.1.* for VAIO: How to record an audio CD to the hard disk drive and to register it to a playlist

    Refer to the following procedure.

    You can record songs of an audio CD, register them to a playlist and control them with "SonicStage".
    The recorded song is converted to an audio file in the OpenMG format (file that was converted to the ATRAC3 format and encrypted in the OpenMG format), WMT format or WAV format.


    1. Click the [Start] button and then click [All Programs]-[SonicStage]-[SonicStage].

    2. Insert the audio CD that you want to copy into the CD-ROM drive of your VAIO computer.
    The CD window automatically appears and the tracks of the audio CD display.

    * When it is the first time that you use the audio CD, the dialog box of [CD Drive Check] appears.
    Click the [Start Checking] button to check the drive.

    3. Click the button of [Get CD Information] at the lower left corner of the window to get information such as the CD title.

    4. Click [Options] from the [Tools] menu if necessary, change the settings of the CD recording on the tab of [CD Recording/Playing 1] and click the [OK] button.

    - [Location to save the recorded file]
    Click the [Browse] button and specify the location to save the recorded file.

    - [Playback simultaneously]
    To play back the song being recorded, turn on this checkbox.

    - [Open the Playlist automatically after recording]
    To open the playlist automatically after recording, turn on this checkbox.

    - [Eject the CD automatically after recording]
    To eject the CD automatically after recording, turn on this checkbox.

    - [Recording format]
    Select a format for recording from [OpenMG (ATRAC3)], [WAV (PCM)] and [Windows Media (WMA)].

    5. Select a bit rate from the pull-down menu on the right of the format display, if necessary.

    6. If there are some songs that you do not want to record, click their song numbers (track numbers) to turn off the checkbox.

    7. Check that the checkboxes of the songs you want to record are turned on and click the button of [Rec to Jukebox].

    When you try to record songs from the CD from which some songs have already been recorded, the [Select Playlist] dialog box appears.
    Select whether you want to create a new playlist or to add them to the existing playlist, and click the [Start Rec] button.

    8. When recording completes, the songs are added to the playlist.