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How to refrain children or other users from running specific programs on the computer?

Refraining children or other users from running specific programs on the computer.

    1. Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
    2. In the Control Panel window, click User Accounts and Family Safety.
    3. In the User Accounts and Family Safety window, click Parental Controls.

        NOTE: In order to effectively configure the Parental Controls features, all Administrator accounts should be password protected . As long as an Administrator account has no password, any user can bypass or turn off the Parental Controls.
    4. In the Parental Controls window, click the user account to which you want to apply the Parental Controls.

        NOTE: Parental Controls cannot be applied to the Guest account. Because of this, and because a user can use the Guest to bypass Parental Controls, is recommended that the Guest account be turned off when using Parental Controls for other accounts.
    5. In the User Controls window, under Parental Controls, click to select On, enforce current settings.
    6. Below Windows Settings, click Allow and block specific programs.
    7. In the Web Restrictions window, under Which programs can someone else use?, click to select Someone else can only use the programs I allow.
    8. Under Check the programs that can be used, click to select the desired programs and settings, and then click the OK button.