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I would like to know more about [Digital Signature] in Windows Me.

    I would like to know more about [Digital Signature] in Windows Me.

    When installing the latest drivers provided by the manufacturer into Windows Me, you may encounter a [Digital Signature Notification] warning.

    This warning occurs because these drivers do not contain [Digital Signature] which is used to identify drivers which have passed Microsoft Windows Me qualification tests. The display of this warning does not mean that the driver won't work but merely tells you that the driver has not been tested or certified by Microsoft for use in Windows Me. It is recommended that you contact the hardware manufacturer for the details of the driver provided.

    To prevent the warning message from appearing, refer to the following procedures:

    1. Click the [Advanced] button on the [Digital Signature Notification] dialogue box.
    2. The [Digital Signature Advanced Settings] dialogue box appears. Check the [Warn you before installing unsigned drivers for this kind of hardware] box and click [OK].
    3. The dialogue box confirming the driver's installation appears. Click [Yes] followed by [OK].