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Why does the error message Windows: System error. The same name exists on the network appear at the startup of Windows and the network cannot be connected?

    The following error message appeared and all network connections cannot be established.

    Err Msg:
    Windows: System error
    The same name exists on the network.

    This error message occurs when there is an duplicate of the computer name within the same network. Please check that the network settings are correct.

    * Note
    Before performing any changes to the network settings, please access the computer as an administrator or a user with administrative rights.

    * Procedure
    1. Click Start and click Control Panel.
    2. Using Category View option, click Network and Internet Connections and click Network Connections.
    3. Right-click Local Area Network icon and click Properties.
    4. Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) once and click Properties.
    5. a) If the IP address option is selected as Obtain IP address automatically, try and switch to Use the following IP address:. Input a static IP address and click OK.
    b) If the IP address option is selected as Use the following IP address:. try to use another static IP address and do not duplicate of the address belonging to other terminals.
    6. After completing the settings, restart the computer.