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Does VGN-Y18GP support Memory Stick Duo?

    Support of Memory Stick Duo on VGN-Y18GP.

    Yes, VGN-Y18GP is designed to support Memory Stick Pro and Memory Stick Duo.

    Memory Stick  is a compact, portable and versatile device especially designed for exchanging and sharing digital data with compatible products, such as digital cameras and mobile phones. Due to its compact size, it can also used for external data storage.

    For more Memory Stick information, please visit the Memory Stick website.

    When copying data into the Memory Stick or Memory Stick Duo, please make sure that Wite Protecting is unlocked.
    -  Do not insert the Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo together into the Memory Stick slot of the computer, as it may damage the slot as well as the Memory Stick and Memory Stick Duo.
    -  Do not remove the Memory Stick or the Memory Stick Duo while the Memory Stick indicator is lighted.