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How to change the clock frequency of the memory bus?

    Changing the clock frequency of the memory bus.

    There are two possible ways to change the clock frequency of the memory bus. Please refer to the following steps:


    Method A

    -  Change using Sony Notebook Setup


    1.  Click Start and select All Programs.
    2.  Select Sony Notebook Setup and click Sony Notebook Setup.
    3.  Click Performance and select Memory bus: 266MHz/Graphics core frequency: 200MHz or Memory bus: 333MHz/Graphics core frequency: 250MHz.
    4.  Click Apply and click Yes to shut down the computer.


    *  Click No if the computer has other unfinished tasks. Once the other task is completed, please shut down the computer.



    Method B

    -  Change in BIOS


    1.  Press F2 when the VAIO logo appears.
    2.  Select Advance  using the left arrow key and select Memory Performance Mode using the down arrow key.

    3.  Press Enter  and select High using the down arrow key.


    When the clock frequency of the memory bus is selected to High, the computer generates more heat as compared to the clock frequency of the memory bus set as Normal.

    -  As the computer consumes more power, the duration of the battery may become slightly shorter.
    -  After changing the memory bus setting, the computer needs to shut down first before starting the computer with the new setting. Restarting the computer does not allow the new setting to take into effect.