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How to perform Disk Cleanup when the computer is low in memory space?

    Operational procedure for [Disk Cleanup].

    Refer to the following.

    Disk Cleanup is the utility to free up space on your hard disk with eliminating temporary files or files you deleted.
    To execute this program periodically makes your hard disk tidy and maintains system performance.
    If you execute this program before [disk defragmenter], performance of defragment will increase.
    Temporary PC Health files was added from Windows Me.
    The procedure to execute [Disk Cleanup] is not much different the one in Windows 98*.

    1, Click [Start] - [Programs] - [Accessories] - [System Tools] - [Disk Cleanup].
    2, Select a drive in [Drives] list box, and click [OK] button.
    3, Choose files to delete in [Disk Cleanup for *] window, and click [OK] button.
    The contents in [Files to delete] is as follows.

    -a Temporary Internet Files
    Files stored on your hard disk for quick viewing.
    -a Downloaded Program Files.
    Active X controls and Java applets downloaded automatically from the internet when you view certain pages.
    -a Recycle Bin
    Files you have deleted from your computer.
    -a Temporary files.
    Files stored in TEMP folder and have not been modified in over a week.
    -a Temporary PC Health files.
    Copy files stored for remaining your system healthy and no longer required.

    4, Click [Yes] when the message of [Disk Cleanup will permanently delete the selected files from your system. Are you sure you want to delete these files?] appears.

    Now the operation of [Disk Cleanup] is completed.