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How to create a DVD video where the playback starts from the 1st chapter?

    Creating DVD video with the following features:
    - DVD video with playback that starts from the 1st chapter
    - DVD video that does not show the title menu

    * Software versions:
    Click to DVD

    A. If the current version is Click to DVD Ver.1.0 or Click to DVD Ver.1.1:
    Please click here to download and install the update program before creating the DVD.

    B. If the current version is Click to DVD Ver.1.2 or later:
    Please refer to the steps below:

    1. Click Start -> All Programs -> Click to DVD -> Click to DVD.
    2. Click Menu and click Settings.
    3. Click the DVD tab and then select the Start playback from the 1st chapter option.
    4. Click OK.