Article ID : S500012766 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018

How to register an external Bluetooth device to the MEX-BT2750/MEX-BT3750U?

    Registering an external Bluetooth device to the MEX-BT2750/MEX-BT3750U.

    To use Bluetooth device, user must register it and then establish the connection. Please try the following process.


    1. Press the "Bluetooth" button until the BT icon blinks on and off  on condition that BT icon is out.
    2. Search "XPLOD"device from the connecting device and then pair them.
    3. Input "0000" if the pass code is required. BT icon lights up on the MEX-BT2750/MEX-BT3750U when registration of external device is completed.

    Connect to the already paired XPLOD device from the connecting device.
    Handsfree icon and Audio icon lights up on the MEX-BT2750/MEX-BT3750U, indicating that connection has been successfully done.

    For further information about how to connect user external Bluetooth device, please refer to its operation manual.