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Why can't the file shown in My Recent Documents be opened?

    The file shown in My Recent Documents cannot be opened.
    When the file is being clicked, the following error message in the respective Operating System appears.

    - For Windows® XP
    Err Msg: Shortcut error:
    The target drive of the shortcut "xxx" or network connection is not available. Check if the drive exists or the network resources are available, and then try again.

    - For Windows® 2000 and Windows® Me
    Err Msg: Shortcut error:
    This shortcut does not work properly as the target "xxx" was changed or deleted.
    Do you want to delete this shortcut?

    - For Windows® 98*
    Err Msg: Shortcut error:
    "xxx" to be called from this shortcut was changed or deleted. "yyy" may be closest to "xxx" judging from the size, date and type. Is it OK to consider it the target of this shortcut?

    If the file cannot be browsed from My Recent Documents, check if the actual file exists in the target with the steps below:

    1. Right-click on a given file name in My Recent Documents and click Properties.
    2. Click the Shortcut tab and check the target of the shortcut.
    3. Copy the target of the file and check if the actual file exists.

    Note: If the file has been deleted or moved, it cannot be browsed as My Recent Documents shows the shortcuts of actual files. If the file is saved in a media such as a floppy disk, the file cannot be browsed from My Recent Documents unless the media is inserted.