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Regarding Windows XP CD writing and recording function

Regarding Windows XP CD writing and recording function.

    Regarding the CD recording function with standard configuration in Windows XP, please refer to the following information.

    ■ Regarding the recording function
    ■ How to write on CD-R/RW disks?
    ■ How to make music CDs?
    ■ How to write on DVDs?

    Regarding the recording function

    CD-R/RW recording function is a built-in function in Windows XP, but user can make common data disks and music CDs only.
    Working programs of CD-R/RW drivers vary from computer models. Please refer to the related instructions for more details.

    How to write on CD-R/RW disks?

    The built-in CD-R/RW recording function in Windows XP is different from that in the high-performance recording software. User cannot choose Joliet or ISO 9660 file system; nor can user choose Disk At Once or Track At Once when recording a CD.
    Furthermore, it does not support system startup disk creation or packet-writing.

    With Track At Once mode, as long as user does not close the Section, user can still add data to the disk.
    Please note that user cannot close the Section in User Interface.

    In addition, CD-R/RW disks are not supported On the Fly mode.
    In the CD Drive (the name of the drive) Properties window, user can only select creating CD image files and recording speed.

    When user uses the built-in CD-R/RW recording function in Windows XP, user must select Save image files in this drive.

    How to create music CDs?

    User can use Windows Media Player to create music discs.

    Different from the creation of data discs, user needs to select Disk At Once mode to create music CDs. Once CD is closed, new tracks cannnot be added.

    How to write on DVDs?

    Recording DVD-RAM disks is a built-in function in Windows XP. User can record discs like CD-R and CD-RW.
    Related drives should be installed if user wants to copy files to a DVD-RAM.


    • Windows XP can recognize and format FAT32 Volume in DVD-RAM, but may be unable to add data or record to DVD-RAM disks with other formats.
    • Windows XP with standard functions cannot record DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW and other types of DVDs.
      When recording the following tips will display on the computer screen.

    Please insert a recordable CD.

    The disk in the drive maybe full, or it cannot be written.

    Please insert to Drive (E:) a recordable CD that is blank or has sufficient free space.

    Note: A recordable CD can be converted into a common CD or an audio CD via CD recording devices (CD-R or CD-RW). Once it finishes recording, the CD can be played in a CD player or a computer that has been installed CD or CD-ROM drive.