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How to reinstall the driver (VAIO Recovery Center Ver,1.*)?

Installing software via VAIO recovery center.

    Start VAIO Recovery Center, and then install the single driver.
    Please refer to the following details.


    • Some drivers cannot be installed.
    • In some cases, though drivers can be reinstalled, they cannot run properly.
    • The picture below is the interface displayed of VAIO Recovery Center Ver.1.1.
      The interfaces displayed vary from different PC models.
    1. Click StartAll ProgramsVAIO Recovery CenterVAIO Recovery Center.

    2. When User Account Control dialogue box appears, click Continue.
      Standard users can refer to the following related solutions.

      After User Account Control dialogue box appears, please refer to the following steps.

    3. Click Reinstall Programs or Drivers, and then click Start.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Click Next.

    6. Click Programs or Drivers option, select the driver that needs reinstallation, and then click Next.

      Reference information
      Users can check multiple drivers and install them together.
      However, if user restarts the computer during installation, the checked items will be cancelled.
      If user restarts the computer during installation, please make sure all the items will be installed.

      Take the above screen as an example.
      The drivers displayed vary from different VAIO models.

    7. The Preparing to install software... window appears.

      Reference information

      When the following window appears, user can cancel the installation by clicking Cancel in 10 seconds.

      Continue the installation.

      During the process of installation, various installation windows may appear. If action is required, follow the instructions to complete the install.

      Complete the installation, and VAIO Recovery Center will appear again on the screen.
      Please wait patiently for the screen switch.

    8. The InstallShield Wizard Complete window appears. Click Finish.

      Please restart the computer if the driver does not install.