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How to reinstall HotKey Utility?

    Reinstalling HotKey Utility, when the hotkeys cannot work or when the macro keys, such as Fn+F5, Fn+F6 cannot work

    When Hotkey Utility cannot work properly, please first uninstall Hotkey Utility, and then reinstall it.

    The technical support service that VAIO call center provides is based on the hard disk status under the default value or the status after system restore.
    After having bought the computers, users may change disk partition, delete some software or use part of the software. It may cause the system instability. Thus SONY may not be able to provide the detailed solutions.
    Note:Please close all the running programs, and then reinstall HotKey Utility.

    How to uninstall HotKey Utility?
    1. Open Add or Remove programs.
      Please refer to the following operating steps.

    2. Select HotKey Utility in the list,and then click Change/remove.

    3. Please refer to the wizards to perform the operations and remove HotKey Utility.

    4. Restart  the VAIO notebook.

    How to reinstall HotKey Utility?

    Please first uninstall HotKey Utility, and then reinstall it.

    The operating steps depend on whether the models of the VAIO notebook are supplied with System recovery disc attached or not.

    Models not supplied with system recovery disc

    Before users installing HotKey Utility, please create a support folder in Disk C.
    Please refer to the following related link to create support folders.
    1. Please refer to the following steps to open the folder.
      Right-click Local Disk (C:)-VAIO-Applications-HotKey Utility.

    2. Double-click Setup.exe in the HotKey Utility folder.

    3. Follow the instructions displayed to install  HotKey Utility.

    4. After HotKey Utility has been installed,please install the latest updating program.

    Models supplied with system recovery disc

    The operating steps vary for the different versions of the supplied System recovery disc.
    1. Please insert the last copy of the system recovery discs into CD/DVD Driver.
      For example:If there are 3 pieces of system recovery discs, please insert 3of3.

    2. Click OK in the screen that appears.

    3. Click Yes in the screen that appears.

        4.    Click the Applications folder to open the HotKey Utility folder.


        5.    Run the Setup.exe file.

        6.    After the Applications is completed, please install the latest updating program.