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How to perform disk error check (disk Scanning) in Windows XP?

    • No disk scanning option in the Start menu.
    • How to perform disk scanning in Windows XP?

    • Please close all running programs before performing the next step.
    • When performing Checking Disk, the disk being check cannot be operated.
    1. Click Start, and then clcik My Computer.

    2. Double-click the disk user wants to scan in My Computer, and then click Properties.

    3. When the (Disk Name) Properties dialog box appears, click the Tools tab.

    4. Click Check Now... in Error-checking.


    5. When the Check Disk (Disk Name) dialog box appears, check Automatically fix file system errors, and then click Start

      When necessary, please check the Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors.

    6. Start checking disk.

    When checking the Automatically fix file system errors, sometimes the following message will appear.
    Click Yes, and it will check disk when starting PC next time.

    Disk checking cannot perform, because Disk Checking needs to access exclusively some Windows files in the disk. These files can only be accessed when restarting Windows. Do you want to access the disk when starting PC next time?

    When using target disk, as mentioned above, PC will show the confirming message: whether to perform Checking Disk the next time PC starts.
    Click Yes,and it will check disk when starting PC next time.
    If Disk Cleanup via NTFS will automatically record all the files and replace disordered cluster in the events, and save the copy files of all the files in the NTFS volume.