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How to roll back drivers in Windows XP?

Restoring drivers.

    If Windows cannot start properly, please perform the following operations in Safe Mode.

    Regading how to restore device driver, please refer to the following steps.

    User must use administrator's account to perform the following operations.
    1. Right-click My Computer, and then click PropertiesHardwareDevice Manager.

    2. Double-click the device that user wants to restore the driver.
      The (Device name) Properties dialogue box will display.

    3. On the Driver tab, click Roll Back Driver.

    4. If the following message appears, please click OK.

      Are you sure you would like to roll back to the previous driver?

      If user cannot roll back the drive of this deivce, the following message will appear.

      No driver files have been backed up for the device.
      If you are having problems with this device you should view the Troubleshooter information. Would you like to launch the Troubleshooter?

    5. Close the displayed interface, and then restart Windows.

    Reference information
    Please refer to the technical support information from Microsoft.

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