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How to create a password reset disk in Windows Vista?

    Creating a password reset disk in Windows Vista.

    User can create a password reset disk in The Forgotten Password Wizard.
    If user forgets the password, user can use the password reset disk to reset the password of the current user account.

    User can create a password reset disk by using mobile storage devices such as soft disc, memory stick, USB flash memory and SD card.
    But applicable mobile storage devices may also vary from different computer models.

    Some VAIO notebooks which have adapters with memory card can use memory card storage device.

    • If the computer is logged on to a domain, user cannot create a password reset disk.

    • Please insert mobile storage device before creating a password reset disk. Otherwise error messages will appear.

    • After creating a password reset disk in one account, user doesn't need to recreate a password reset disk even if the password of the user account is changed.
      For example: set password as A -> create password reset disk -> change the password into B, user need not recreate a password reset disk on that condition.

    • One user can only create one password reset disk in the same mobile storage device.
      User cannot create password reset disks for several user accounts in one mobile storage device. (Password reset disk cannot reset the password of another computer. The password reset disk can only be used in the computer after it's created. For example: If user has two computers with the same user name and same password, the password reset disk user created in the first computer cannot be used to reset the password in the second one.)

    • After creating the new password reset disk, the old one will be invalid.

    • Other users can also use password reset disk to log on the computer. Therefore, please keep the password reset disk properly.

    1. Log on to the user account which needs to create a password reset disk.

    2. Insert a formatted mobile storage device to check its validity.

    3. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.

    4. Click User Accounts and Family Safety (User Accounts).

    5. Click User Accounts.

    6. Click Create a password reset disk.

    7. Click Next.

    8. Click I want to create a password key disk in the following drive:, and then select the drive which needs to create a password reset disk and click Next.
      The drive to select varies across different computer models.

      If the following page appears, please click Next.

    9. Type the password of the current user account in the Current user account password:, and then click Next.
      If the password is not set, please click Next directly.

    10. When the Progress: 100% complete appears, click Next.

    11. Click Finish.