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How to change power scheme options in Windows Vista?

    Changing power scheme options in Windows Vista.

    Users can conserve energy and optimize computer performance by changing power scheme options.

    1. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    2. Click Hardware and Sound.

    3. Click Power Options.

    4. Please select the preferred power plans shown in Power Options.

      • Balanced
        Offers full performance when users need it and saves power during periods of inactivity.

      • Power Saver
        Saves power by reducing system performance.
        It can help users get the most from a single battery charge.

      • High Performance
        Maximizes system performance and responsiveness.
        The battery does not last as long when using this plan.

      The computer models configured with VAIO energy-saving will display the following interface.

    5. To change detailed power settings, click Change plan settings.

    6. In the Change plan settings dialog box, users can set up Plugged in and On battery.

      If the computer can run on battery (such as a notebook), the related settings of On battery and Plugged in will appear in the dialog box.

      Click Change advanced power settings to configure more detailed settings in Advanced settings.

      For computer models configured with VAIO energy-saving, users can configure the following items in the VAIO energy-saving tab.
      The setting options may different according to different models.
      Please refer to the instructions on the VAIO computer.

      • Refresh rate
        Set up screen refresh rate.
      • Screen color
        Set up color quality.
      • CPU fan control
        Adjust CPU rolling sounds.
      • i.LINK card slot
        The method of set up Memory Stick PRO, SD Memory Card socket, power management i.LINK port.
      • Native CD/DVD driver
        The method of set up native CD/DVD driver.

    7. Click OK to apply the changes.