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What is the difference between SP and LP in DV REC MODE?

    The difference between SP and LP in DV REC MODE.

    SP (Standard Play): Select to record normally.

    LP (Long Play): Select to record 1.5 times longer than the SP mode.  The use of Sony Excellence/Master mini DV cassette is recommended to get the most out of your VCR.


    - Users cannot add sound on the tape recorded in LP mode.
    - If recorded in  LP mode, a mosaic-like noise may appear, or sound may be interrupted, when you play back the tape on other VCRs or camcorders.
    - When users mix recordings in  SP and LP modes on one tape, the playback picture may be distorted, or the time code may not be written properly between the scenes.
    - The LP mode is not available in the HDV (1080i) format.