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How do I cancel the stay-resident VirusScan of VirusScan Ver.4*?

    How do I cancel the stay-resident VirusScan of VirusScan Ver.4*?
    How do I change the settings to such a way that VirusScan, the bundled software will not launch at the time the PC is started?

    There are two procedures whereby you can remove the McAfee VirusScan from the startup.

    When you make McAfee VirusScan non-resident, we recommend you to start VirusScan manually to execute the virus check periodically.

    [Part I] To remove VirusScan from System Configuration Utility

    1. Select [Run] in the [Start] menu.
    2. Type "msconfig" and start [System Configuration Utility].
    3. Click the [Startup] tab and uncheck the following 6 boxes:
    AVconsole.EXE(C:\Program Files\Network Associates\McAfee VirusScan\avconsol.exe\minimize)
    VsStatEXE(C:\Program Files\Network Associates\McAfee VirusScan\VSSTAT.EXE\SHOWWARNING)
    4. Click the [Apply] button and click [OK].
    5. The dialog box saying "Do you want to restart your computer now?" appears. Click [Yes] to restart your PC.

    Completing the above procedures cancels the automatic launch of VirusScan the next time you start your PC.

    Other than the above procedure, there is another way of removing the McAfee VirusScan..

    [Part II] To remove Properties of System Scan at the beginning

    1. Double-click the icon of McAfee VShield in the task tray and the [System Scan Status] window appears.
    2. Click the [Properties] button and [System Scan Properties] appears.
    3. Remove the check from the check box of [Enable System scan] of the [Detection] tab.
    4. Click the "E-Mail Scan" icon on the left-hand side window and remove the check from the checkbox of [Enable Scanning of e-mail attachments].
    5. Click the [Apply] button and click [OK].
    6. Close the [System Scan Status] window.
    7. Restart your PC and select [Run] in the [Start] menu.
    8. Type "msconfig" and start "System Configuration Utility".
    9. Click the [Startup] button and remove the check from the checkboxes of [AvconsolEXE] and [VsStartEXE].
    10. Click the [Apply] button and click [OK] to restart.