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Bi-directional and simultaneous copying of high-volume data through Smart Connect 2.0 sometimes fails halfway.

    When I try to copy bi-directionally and simultaneously a large amount of data such as a whole program file through the connection of Smart Connect, I sometimes fail in copying halfway.

    [Reproduction Procedure]
    1. Connect PC (A) to PC (B) with an i.Link cable.
    2. Enable the use of the network card of i.Link of both PCs.
    3. Set file sharing of both PCs.
    4. Create c:\temp in both PCs and set fully accessible sharing.
    5. Copy c:\ProgramFiles of PC (A) to c:\temp of PC (B) and visa versa.
    6. Copying proceeds for some time. The copying of PC (A) stops for a while, for example, and then PC (B) displays "Copy Error".
    7. Leaving the situation as it is, PC (A) that has stopped copying for a while starts copying again.

    Execute the copying of files from PC (A) to PC (B) first, and then PC (B) to PC (A). To avoid the error, one-way (not bi-directional) copying should be recommended.