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Why can't the PC cards be recognized by my computer ?

    Why can't the PC cards be recognized by my computer ?
    The PC card was used before but it cannot be used or recognised now. The system also hangs if the PC card is inserted. In addition, I am unable to install the driver for other PC cards.

    The following solution will resolve the problem of inability to install the PC card driver into the registry.

    A) Update/Reinstall the driver for the PC card.
    1) Contact the PC card manufacturer or visit their web site to get an update on the latest device driver for the PC card.
    2) Click [Start]->[Setings]->[Control Panel], and double-click at the [System] icon.
    3) Show the properties of the PC card driver from [Device Manager] on [System Properties] that does not work on the system.
    4) Ensure that the correct driver is set before clicking [Update Driver] on the Driver tab.

    B) If updating the driver could not resolve the problem, please perform the following :
    1) After turning on the PC, press the [Ctrl] key to display "Microsoft Windows Startup Menu."
    2) Select "Safe mode."
    3) Click the [Device Manager] tab on the [System Properties] screen. Delete the devices that does not existed on the default setting (shipped from the factory).
    - Note that a lot of unnecessary or duplicate devices may be listed.
    - When unnecessary devices have been deleted, Windows recognizes the hardware and loads the necessary devices automatically as found in step 6 below.
    - Note that some devices (such as the infrared communication driver) cannot be restored without executing the System Recovery CD-ROM.
    4) Delete unnecessary devices and shut down Windows to turn off the computer.
    5) After turning on the PC, press the F2 key when the Sony logo is displayed to start the BIOS setup program.
    - On the EXIT menu of the program, select "Get Default Values," and press Enter twice.
    - Select "Save Changes" and press Enter to close the program.
    6) Start Windows to confirm that the computer is starting normally. The computer may detect hardware and load the necessary drivers during Windows startup.
    7) Insert the PC card.
    - Make sure that the PC card is detected and the necessary driver is loaded. The procedure is completed with a beep sound
    - If the PC card is not recognized by the computer, restart the PC with the PC card still inserted.
    8) Check if the devices connected to the computer or to the PC card are working.