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What are .gid files, "mscreate.dir" files, "failsafe.drv" directory, "~mssetup.qt" directory ?

    What are .gid files, "mscreate.dir" files, "failsafe.drv" directory, "~mssetup.qt" directory ?. Are they safe to remove ?

    1. What are .gid files ? Are they safe to remove?
    GID files are help index files. They include word lists for the matching help file.
    Yes they're safe to remove, but when you access the help file next time, WINHLP32 will re-build the .GID file. Also, some Win32 programs require the .GID file be present. To re-build a deleted .GID file, open the help file from Explorer.
    2. What are "mscreate.dir" files? Are they safe to remove?
    These are directory index files that MS Office "Fast Find" makes when you first access a directory. You can remove these, but FastFind will re-create them when you access the folder again. To keep them from coming back, remove the Fast Find shortcuts from your Startup group.
    3. Can I remove the "failsafe.drv" directory?
    If you don't use disk compression you can remove this. Otherwise don't. Windows 98 uses the programs here to undo interrupted compression tasks. The programs in here are actually Win 3.1 programs, that run in the special DOSX environment, to do compressed drive conversions and such.
    4. Can I remove the "~mssetup.qt" directory ?
    You can remove it. It only contains another directory called ~pp.t which is equally useless.