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Support for VAIO PCs sold out of your country (J-VAIO, US-VAIO and Euro-VAIO).

    Does the technical center support or repair for J-VAIO, US-VAIO and Euro-VAIO?

    The technical center does not support those VAIO models. Contact the service representative in the area where you purchased your VAIO PC.
    * In Japan: VAIO Customer Link URL:
    * In the United States: Sony's Online Support (SOS) URL:
    * In Europe: VAIO-Link (TRC-Europe) URL:
    # Each technical response center has the equipment and information to support only domestic VAIO PCs. For this reason, each technical response center cannot support VAIO PCs sold out of the country.
    # Each technical response center has the organization to repair only domestic VAIO PCs. Therefore, if a PC has a problem, it cannot be repaired out of the country where you purchased it.
    # Sony does not offer the worldwide warranty (the warranty you can get the same support all over the world).