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Notes for character recognition using CyberClip

    #Notes for using the CyberClip character recognition function
    #Characters may not be recognized correctly by using CyberClip

    Refer to CyberClip online help.

    Characters that CyberClip can recognize is the uppercase letters (from A to Z) and lowercase letters (from a to z), numerical characters (0 to 9) and eight special characters (. + ? * / ( ) @).

    Even alphabetical characters, if they are recognized under circumstances described in Help, the accuracy level becomes low. See Help for the adjustment.

    It depends on the type of font and character size, however, CyberClip has the following tendency on recognition;
    L as 1, j as I, g as 9, / as 1, . (Period) is mostly not recognized
    I (especially at the beginning of a word) may not be recognized (IBM as BM)
    In addition, white characters on a black background cannot be recognized.

    *** Quote from the online help ***

    Instructions for use
    When you perform the recognition, place the printed subject approximately 10 cm away from the internal camera in a way that the object faces the camera.
    CyberClip cannot recognize the subject correctly on the condition that the location is too dark, the reverse ray of light is shown or at the back of the subject can be seen. Change the location.
    If part of the printed subject is shadowed or lit up, CyberClip cannot recognize the subject correctly.
    Tilt the printed subject a little, make it clearly shown on the screen. It is difficult to recognize if the subject is moving. Do not move the subject while being recognized. In addition, if your hand is shaking while holding the subject or the computer, it may be difficult for CyberClip to recognize.
    In this case, secure the subject and the machine before performing the recognition. If the subject is dirty or characters are not clear, CyberClip cannot recognize it correctly. Use a new and clearly printed material.
    To make CyberClip recognize alphabetical characters, adjust the focus and distance between the subject and CyberClip as shown below so that the alphabetical characters shown on the finder screen become clear.

    Good example: (Help has a sample image.)
    Bad example: (Help has a sample image.)

    Handwriting characters and special typefaces (such as bold, italic, underline, fill, shadowing, etc.) cannot be recognized.
    Select AC Profile or Camera Profile in PowerPanel to execute CyberClip with the battery pack on this PC.
    If the Maximum Battery life profile is selected, it becomes difficult to recognize subjects or the operation may not be stable. Check "Saving the battery power" on the online manual for more information on PowerPanel.