Article ID : S500006979 / Last Modified : 11/04/2018Print

Why is the WinDVD color not displaying correctly when the Color subpanel settings are changed?

    When the color settings are changed and DVD playback is being stopped, the color will not be able to reset to default settings even when the Default button is clicked. Therefore, this results in the WinDVD color not being able to display correctly.

    Please refer to the steps below to avoid this symptom:

    1. Click Start and then click All Programs -> Inter Video WinDVD 5 -> Inter Video WinDVD 5 for VAIO.
    2. Start the DVD playback, click Sub Panel and click Color.
    3. Check to ensure all sliders are in the default position.
    4. Right-click an empty area of the desktop and then click Properties.
    5. Click the Settings tab and then click Advanced.
    6. Click the Overlay tab, click Defaults and then click OK.