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Why can't the audio data (music/songs) in OpenMG Jukebox be checked in or checked out between the VAIO computer and the device?

    Err Msg:The songs cannot be checked out from External Device/Media. No Copies currently exist. (Filename of song)

    The maximum number of the check-in and check-out times allowed for one audio data is set at three in OpenMG Jukebox. Only the audio data that is checked out from the computer is allowed to be checked in to the same computer.

    The number of musical notes indicates the number of times the audio data can be check-out to external devices. When the audio data has been checked out, the musical notes will decrease. The number will increase again if the audio data is being check-in. It is impossible to check-out the audio data for the fourth time.

    Help or Glossary of OpenMG Jukebox contains the following descriptions:

    * Check-in and Check-out
    Check-out is to transfer audio files from a personal computer to an external device/media. Returning checked out audio files to the same computer is to check in. (You cannot move checked out audio files to another computer.)

    You can also check out a music file, check it back in, and then check it out again. The SDMI rules provide that up to four copies of music file can be created, unless a special condition for usage is set. Thus, unless a special restriction exists, while one copy is saved in the computer, the other three can be checked out to external devices/media.