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Infrared connection problem (cannot connect or keep disconnected) and how to check the status tag of Infrared monitor.

    An Infrared connection cannot be made or keeps getting disconnected. How to Check the Status Tag of the Infrared Monitor

    1. Click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel and select Infrared icon
    2. Click the Status tab to see whether or not the device is detected.
    3. Make sure that in the BIOS, under Advanced|Infrared it says Enabled and not OS Controlled. Otherwise change it to Enabled.

    If the Infrared device is detected, possible causes to this problem are listed below:
    1. If the two devices are too far apart or too close together, data transfer may be interrupted or there may be noise in the transmission. The active area of infrared transmission extends about 39 3/8 inches (1m) with a radius of 15 degrees.
    2. Do not cover the Infrared port with your hand or any other objects.
    3. Avoid direct sunlight, fluorescent light, or flashing incandescent light close to the Infrared ports.
    4. Avoid sources of radio frequency interference including microwaves.
    5. Avoid devices with large motors such as air conditioners and refrigerators.
    6. Make sure the batteries are adequately charged.
    7. Avoid devices using 900 MHz frequency.
    8. Avoid magnetic fields.