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Precautions when installing Microsoft Plus! 98

    # When performing the standard installation of Microsoft Plus! 98, the older version of McAfee VirusScan is also installed.
    # Since the latest VirusScan is already installed, at the virus check when installing VirusScnan of Plus! 98, virus scan software programs may conflict each other.
    # In some of the models with a USB FDD, when the computer accesses to the FDD, the computer may freeze.

    When installing Microsoft Plus! 98, do not install McAfee VirusScan.
    When you install McAfee VirusScan supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98, if you access to the FDD, the computer may freeze.
    You can avoid installing VirusScan by the following procedure:

    1) Type the CD key and click [Next].
    2) Clear the "Execute VirusScan" check box and click [Next].
    3) On the "Setup preference" screen, select ?[Custom], and then click [Next].
    4) Clear the VirusScan check box in the list, and click [Next].
    5) Follow the instructions on the screen for the rest of the procedure.

    Temporary measure, when the user installed McAfee VirusScan from Microsoft Plus! 98:
    (Measures for the freezing when accessing to the FDD)
    Perform the following procedure to exclude FDD from the virus detection.

    1) On the task tray, right-click [McAfee VShield].
    2) In McAfee VShield Properties, click [Properties], and click [System Scan]. (Click [Properties].)
    3) Make sure that the System Scan is selected and click the Exclusion tab.
    (Click the Exclusion tab.)
    4) Click the Add button.
    5) [Add Exclude Item] dialog appears. Click the Brows button, and select [3 1/2 Floppy (A)] (FDD must be connected in advance) or type "A:\."
    6) Check the "Include subfolders," "File scanning" and "Boot sector scanning" check boxes.
    7) Click [OK].

    The latest version of McAfee VirusScan is preinstalled in the VAIO series. In the homepage of McAfee, it is posted that VirusScan supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98 is the version 3.1.6, and if your VirusScan is this version or later, it is not necessary to install VirusScan supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98.
    If you installed VirusScan supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98, you have to execute the System Recovery CD-ROM to restore the original VirusScan.
    VirusScan supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98 overwrites the already installed VirusScan. If you click the preinstalled shortcuts (The installation folders for the preinstalled version and Plus! 98 version are different), the older version (supplied with Microsoft Plus! 98) is started.
    If you uninstall VirusScan of Plus! 98, the shared files of McAfee are also deleted, and the preinstalled VirusScan cannot be executed correctly.
    FDD is already set to be excluded from the virus detection in the preinstalled VirusScan to avoid this problem.