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Nothing is displayed on the LCD screen. The LCD screen is too dark.

    The LCD screen remains dark and nothing is displayed. The system itself seems to be running. (The HDD access indicator and power indicator light up. You can hear the startup sound.)
    I can hardly see the LCD screen. This symptom starts at the SONY logo.

    Check the items below first. And then, if this problem is not solved, the LCD may be damaged. (The backlight may be burned out, or other LCD problems.) Return the computer to our service representative for checks and repair.

    [Check Items]
    1) Press Fn + F5 to adjust the brightness.
    2) If the BIOS setup screen can be displayed, return the BIOS settings to the initial values.
    3) Make sure that the computer is operated by the AC adapter.
    - The LCD screen may be darker during the battery operation compare to the AC operation due to the computer's power management function.
    4) If the computer supports the external monitor output function, connect the computer to an external monitor and check if anything can be displayed on the external monitor.