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How to transfer a track to a Sony Net MD Walkman using SonicStage version 2.*?

    Using SonicStage version 2.* to transfer a track to a Sony Net MD Walkman.

    Please refer to the following steps to transfer tracks to a Sony Net MD Walkman using SonicStage version 2.*:

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    1. Insert a disc into the Net MD Walkman and connect the device to the computer.
    2. Click Start, select All Program, select SonicStage and click SonicStage.
    3. Click Transfer and click Properties.

    4. Click Initialize and click Yes twice.

    - To prevent hardware damage, please avoid the following during initializing:
    1. Disconnecting the Net MD Walkman from the computer.
    2. Removing the disc from the Net MD Walkman.
    - While initialization is in progress, the computer cannot go into hibernation or standby mode.
    - If a disc is been initializing, all the data recorded on the disc will be deleted. Be sure to transfer the tracks back to the computer before proceeding.
    - Make sure the write protect tab of the disc is set to an unlocked position. Otherwise, the disc cannot be initialized.