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Why does a Caution warning message appear sometimes after replacing a new battery to the VAIO computer after logging in to WIndows?

    After replacing a new battery, a Caution warning sign appears after logging in to Windows.

    Sony VAIO computer customers are requested to use only genuine Sony VAIO rechargeable battery packs.

    Sony has discovered that third-party supplied battery packs for use with VAIO computers can cause safety dangers, including overheating, catching on fire, emitting fumes or disintegration of the battery packs.

    Some of these battery packs manufactured and sold by third parties are marked 'For use with Sony VAIO Computers.' However, they may not comply with the Sony quality standards, specifications and requirements for long-time, high-power voltage usage of rechargeable batteries.

    For your safety, we would like to remind you to use only genuine Sony rechargeable battery packs, that meet our quality assurance standards, for your VAIO computer. Furthermore, Sony does not accept any responsibility for any damage or failure caused by third-party battery packs; and Sony battery packs that have been tampered with or disassembled by users.

    * The appearance of the warning message is a new feature introduced in VGN-A series and VGN-S series VAIO computers models to prevent third party batteries from being used with VAIO computers.

    The warning message will display only in the following environments:

    A. Using a third party battery other than Sony's genuine battery
    B. When the battery is not properly inserted and locked

    Note: Please refer to the following if the warning message appears when a new Sony genuine battery is used:

    1. Turn off the VAIO computer.
    2. Remove the battery and reinsert it properly.
    3. Lock the battery and turn on the VAIO computer.
    4. Log into Windows and wait for a while to see if the warning message reappears.
    If the warning message does not appear, proceed to use the VAIO computer normally. Otherwise, please approach the local Sony VAIO helpdesk for assistance.

    * For more information on how to contact your local Sony VAIO Helpdesk. Please refer to either Customer Service Guide or Warranty Card that comes with the computer, or visit the VAIO Online Website.