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Does radio frequencies (RF) from the Wireless LAN create interference with other products?

    Possible radio frequency interferences of other products with the Wireless LAN.

    The Wireless LAN with IEEE 802.11b product standard will not disrupt the electric wave transmissions from mobiles/cellular phones, televisions, transistor radios etc.
    However, microwave ovens are using similar frequencies identical to the Wireless LAN. Therefore, there is a possibility of causing some interferences during the transmission.
    Refrain from using the Wireless LAN within the radius of 5 meters of an operating microwave oven as this will reduce or terminate the transmission speed. Radio LAN Channel 1~10 the case connection failure which will use time or speed decrease occurs from the place where it uses the Plasma lamp. To prevent this electronic interference you have to use the radio LAN Channel 11 to 13 .