Music Center for PC

    Converting the bitrate when transferring songs to an audio device such as the WALKMAN®

    This setting converts songs stored on the computer to the AAC format when you transfer them, which allows you to transfer more songs to the audio device.
    You can specify the desired bitrate in the [Settings] menu.

    1. Click (Menu) in the top left, and select [Settings] from the [Tools] menu.
    2. Click [Device Transfer] in the left pane of the [Settings] window.
    3. Select [Auto assign transfer: The file will always be converted to AAC format and then transferred.] under [Transfer mode], and then select the desired bitrate from the [Conversion bit rate:] pull-down menu.
    4. Click [OK] to close the window.
    The procedure is now complete. Make sure that the songs have been transferred to the audio device with the settings you specified.