Music Center for PC

    Creating a playlist

    A playlist is a list of collected songs for playback.
    Creating a playlist lets you play only your favorite songs. You can also play songs in the desired order.
    You can transfer playlists to an audio device such as the WALKMAN®.

    1. Click [menu] (B) for a song that you want to add to a playlist in the content list (A).


      • To select multiple songs, select each song while holding down the [Ctrl].
      • To select all songs, press the [A] key while holding down the [Ctrl] key.
      • To select a range of songs, select each song while holding down the [Shift] key.
    2. Click [Add to playlist], and then select [Create new playlist...].

      The [Create New Playlist] screen will appear.

    3. Enter a playlist name, and then click [Create].
    4. Add songs to the created playlist.

      When you add a song to Playlists, an alert appears if the same song already exists in the playlist, allowing you to select whether or not to register the same song.