Music Center for PC

    How to use the transfer screen

    This section describes the transfer screen.

    Connect an audio device such as the WALKMAN® to the computer, and select the connected device from [Transfer and Manage] (A) in the sidebar. The transfer screen (B) will appear.

    Details on the transfer screen


    (Transfer to device)
    Transfer the selected content in the content list to the device.


    Device name
    The name of the device is displayed.
    (e.g. NW-A50 Series)


    You can select [System storage] or [Memory card] as the destination.


    Disk space
    The free space on the destination is displayed.


    [Manage songs in device]
    Click this to display a list of content on the device.
    You can import the content to the computer, or remove the content from the device.


    [Device transfer settings]
    Click this to display the transfer setting screen.
    You can change the setting for the transferring mode.