Restoring backup data (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)


    • Do not put the computer in an inactive state, such as sleep mode, while you are restoring the data.
      The data may be lost or the restoration may fail.
    • If you restore divided backup data on another computer, copy all the backup data to a new folder in advance.
    1. Select [Backup Data of Music Center for PC] from the [Tools] menu.
    2. Click [Restore backed up Music Center data to this computer], and then click [Next >].

      [Limits and things to note] will be displayed.

    3. Read the [Limits and things to note] carefully, and then click [Next >].
    4. Select the data that you want to restore.

      Click [Browse...] to display the selection screen. Select the backup data that you want to restore, and then click [OK].


      • If you restore divided backup data on another computer, select the folder that you prepared in advance. All the backup data should be in this folder.
    5. Check the information for the backup data, and then click [Next >].
    6. Specify a restoration destination.
    7. Click [Next >].

      When the confirmation dialog appears, confirm the message and click [Yes].

    8. Confirm the message, and then click [Start].
    9. When the restoration is complete, click [Exit].