Music Center for PC

    Installation procedure (Music Center for PC Ver.1.0)


    • If you are using a WALKMAN® that arrived in stores in or before December 2013, you should switch the file transferring mode from MTP to MSC before using “Music Center for PC”. For details, refer to the column “Transferring music files” under “WALKMAN®” in Supported Devices. If necessary, follow the steps under “Switching the file transfer mode” to switch the file transfer mode.
    1. Download the latest installer.
    2. Launch the downloaded installer.


      • Select [Yes] if a [User Account Control] dialog is displayed.
    3. Click [Next >] when the installation screen is displayed.
    4. Confirm [License Agreement]. Then, select [I accept the terms of use] and [Next >].

      If you select [I do not accept the terms of use], you will be unable to select [Next >].

    5. Select [Standard (recommended)] or [Custom] under [Installation type]. Then, click [Next >].
      • Standard (recommended)
        • The destination folder is automatically designated by the application.
        • A start-up icon is created on the desktop.
      • Custom
        • The destination folder can be changed to the folder of your choice.
        • You can select whether or not to create a start-up icon on the desktop.
    6. When the installation configuration is displayed, click [Install].

      It may take a few minutes to finish installation. Please wait.

    7. When the installation is completed, make sure that a check mark has been added to the check box for [Start Music Center for PC now]. Then, click [Complete].
    8. When the [Welcome to Music Center for PC!] dialog appears, click [OK].
    9. Configure the auto import setting. (Only when you launch “Music Center for PC” for the first time)

      When you launch “Music Center for PC” for the first time after installation, the [Import audio files to Music Center for PC.] dialog will appear. Add a check mark to the check box for the [[Music] Folder], and then click [OK]. If you add new music files to the [Music] folder, the music files will be added to the library of “Music Center for PC” automatically.


      • If you have been managing content on “Media Go” with the default settings, you can import content by adding a check mark to [Music].
      • If you use the custom settings for “Media Go”, add the content management folder. Select [Tools] - [Settings] - [Import file] - [Auto Import] to add the folder.