Using Discover

    Discover is a networking service for visual content creators that is accessible from Creators' Cloud Web or Creators' App. Work you have shot or produced can be shared with others around the world, and you can browse other content creators' work.

    • You can browse this work without being a Creators' Cloud membership, but to like work or follow content creators, you will need to join, sign in, and create a profile.
    • This service may not be available in some countries or regions.

    To access Discover, select (Discover) in Creators' Cloud Web or Creators' App.

    Creators' Cloud Web
    Creators' Cloud screen. "Discover" in the upper left is highlighted.
    Creators' App
    Creators' App screen. "Discover" in the bottom right is highlighted.


    Select [Gallery] at the top to view Project recommended for you. Think of a project as an album of still images, videos, and links (to YouTube or Vimeo, for example) compiled by a content creator. All of this content is managed as a project.

    Discover screen of Creators' Cloud. From left to right at the top of the screen, there are A, D, B, and C. At the bottom of the screen, there is E.
    • A. Gallery: Shows featured and recommended projects, as well as projects of creators you are following. Recommendations can also be displayed based on your equipment and genre of photography in the settings on the profile editing screen. (Refer to "Editing your profile")
    • B. Notifications: Shows notifications.
    • C. User Information: Shows User Information and My Studio.
    • D. Create Project: Create a new Project. (Refer to "Create Project")
    • E. Recommended Project: Select to open individual Project, where you can browse each Project image. Select an image to view it in single-image display.


    Select [Explore] at the top to search or browse other content creators' projects. Selecting a project image opens that project. Selecting a creator's name takes you to their My Studio area.

    Discover screen in the Creators' Cloud. "Explore" in the upper left is highlighted.

    After opening a project, you can like or bookmark the images in it.

    Like icon and Bookmark icon on Discover
    • Downloading images is not supported in Discover.


    Select [Article] at the top to browse content creator interviews, production tips, and more.

    Discover screen in the Creators' Cloud. "Article" in the upper left is highlighted.

    Editing your profile

    Profiles can be created from My Studio. You will need to create a profile before you can post or like content or follow content creators. At a minimum, you can create a profile simply by entering a nickname.

    Profile editing screen for Discover
    Items shared with the general public. The switch is at right. Shared
    Private items. The switch is at left. Private

    Create Project

    All related content is managed as a project.
    To access the screen for creating Project, select [Create Project] in the upper right. To add image files, use one of the methods described in A. Enter Title, Description, and other details in B, then select C [Submit Project] in the lower right to submit the project.
    Projects that you submit are posted to My Studio and are available for other content creators to view.

    Project creation screen for Discover, A is on the left side of the screen. B is on the right side of the screen. C is in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • To have any still image Exif information automatically displayed for the project, enable [Camera setting information].
    • To each project, you can add up to 20 items of content. As for the maximum file sizes of content you can add, each still image can be up to 5 GB and each video up to 20 minutes. The maximum capacity for files that can be posted corresponds to your subscription plan, which includes storage for Discover and Creators' Cloud. For links to content on YouTube or Vimeo that you add, there are no limits on file size or playback time.
    • You can post images uploaded to Creators' Cloud, but note that the My Studio folder is not automatically created in Creators' Cloud.
    • Images you submit will be resized and modified in other ways for suitable display in the project, which may cause some differences in image quality compared to your original content.

    My Studio

    You can edit your profile and view your Project list and bookmarks.
    User Information screen in the Discover. User Information icon and My Studio are highlighted.