ZV-E1: Easily shooting cinematic images

    Capturing cinematic images on the ZV-E1 is easy, thanks to features such as those described here. These four features can give your images the exact appearance you desire.

    Cinematic Vlog Set.

    Using Cinematic Vlog Set. is an easy way to make videos look like memorable movie scenes.

    • Available in: movie recording and S&Q modes
    • Frame rate: locked to 24 fps
    • Black bars at the top and bottom of the screen are also recorded; image area excluding the black bars has the 2.35:1 CinemaScope aspect ratio (aspect ratio of recorded image: 16:9)
    • Choose from five Look and four Mood options (17 combinations)
    • Cannot be used with Picture Profile or Creative Look
    Setting procedure

    Picture Profile

    Using the Picture Profile menu, you can adjust or change setting values that determine image characteristics such as gradation (light and dark tones) and colors. This feature is recommended for users involved in movie or video production.

    Left: Image shot with S-Gamut3/S-Log3
    Right: Color-graded image

    • Available in: movie recording, S&Q, and still image shooting modes
    • Designed mainly for movies but also available for still images
    • Requires knowledge of gamma curves, color modes, and other parameters
    • Plan to perform final editing (such as grading) later for images captured with this feature
    • Cannot be used with Cinematic Vlog Set.
    • Creative Look: if used, locked to ST
    Setting procedure

    Creative Look

    "Look" is a term referring to the look or impression of an image generated by various factors, such as color, sharpness, brightness, etc. With Creative Look, you can choose the finish of an image by selecting a preferred look from among preinstalled looks. This feature is available for both photos and movies, enabling a consistent look.

    Left: Sample image when set to VV2
    Right: Sample image when set to SH

    • Available in: movie recording, S&Q, and still image shooting modes
    • Enjoy intuitive image processing with no special knowledge required
    • Choose from 10 preset looks
    • Customize preset looks exactly as you wish
    • Save your preferred settings as a custom look
    • Cannot be used with Cinematic Vlog Set.
    • Picture Profile: if used, locked to ST

    For details on Creative Look, see the following page.
    Setting the right vibe with Creative Looks

    My Image Style

    You can intuitively adjust the amount of background defocus as well as the brightness and color tone of the image and select the finish of the image in the Intelligent Auto or Scene Selection mode using the touch function icons on the screen.

    Tapping the (image adjustment) icon, which is the bottom icon on the left side of the screen, turns this function on and displays a menu of adjustment icons.

    • Available in: movie recording, S&Q, and still image shooting modes
    • Used when shooting in the Intelligent Auto and Scene Selection modes
    • Set with touch operations
    • Use sliders for easy adjustment of "Background Defocus", "Brightness", and "Color"
    • Can also be used with Creative Look and Cinematic Vlog Set.
    • Cannot be used with Picture Profile
    Setting procedure

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.