ZV-1F: Adjusting microphone volume

    Adjusting the Audio Recording level

    By default, Audio Rec Level is in the function menu. You can adjust the volume from the function menu as follows.

    1. To access the function menu, while the movie recording screen is displayed, press the Fn ( Function ) button or swipe up on the LCD screen.
    2. Tap Audio Rec Level (A) in the function menu, or with Audio Rec Level selected, press the center button of the control wheel .
       Audio Rec Level (A) is at the left end of the first row of the function menu at the bottom of the LCD screen.
    3. To adjust the volume, tap (minus) or + (plus) or press the left/right sides of the control wheel , and then select OK.

    Wind screen

    Attaching the wind screen (B) reduces wind noise. Attach it to the accessory shoe (C).
    Slide the wind screen (B) into the accessory shoe (C) on the top of the camera.

    If wind noise is still audible with the wind screen on, set MENU (Shooting) → Audio RecordingWind Noise Reduct. to On.

    Wind Noise Reduct.

    External microphone

    Connecting an external microphone to the (Microphone) jack automatically switches from the built-in microphone to the external one. Plug-in powered external microphones will be powered by the camera.

    • The accessory shoe is a cold shoe, without electrical contacts.
      When using an optional ECM-G1 shotgun microphone, attach the ECM-G1 to the camera’s accessory shoe, and then connect the microphone MIC OUT jack to the camera microphone jack with the recording cable supplied with the ECM-G1.
      Product page for Shotgun Microphone ECM-G1
      Image of an ECM-G1 attached to a ZV-1F:
    • Adjusting the volume during movie playback
      You can adjust the volume during movie playback from the playback screen or from MENU.
      MENU(Setup) → Sound OptionVolume Settings → desired setting.

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.