ZV-1F: Switching Background Defocus

    To switch the Background Defocus effect (Defocus/Clear), just press the Background Defocus button (A). On an optional GP-VPT2BT shooting grip, you can perform the same operation with the C1 button (B).
    For instructions on Bluetooth pairing with GP-VPT2BT, see Using an Optional Shooting Grip.

    The camera's "Background Defocus" button (A) is the button farthest to the upper right on the top of the camera when the LCD screen is facing you.
     On the GP-VPT2BT shooting grip, the "C" button (B) is in the bottom left when the controls are facing you.

    Image captured after switching Background Defocus

    (Defocus): Locks the aperture value at the maximum (wide-open) value
    (Clear): Locks the aperture value at F5.6

    To return to normal shooting mode and restore the original aperture value, press the Still/Movie/S&Q button. For details, see the following page.

    Background Defocus

    Note: You can also assign functions other than this to the C1 button.

    Using the C (custom) buttons

    All images used here are provided for illustrative purposes only.