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X80K / X81K series (43-75): BRAVIA dimensions

    These dimensions are approximate values. For the dimensions when using the Sony Wall-Mount Bracket, refer to the Wall-Mount Bracket Installation Information on the product support website.

    Using a stand: Standard position

    TV dimensions labeled A through G

    Unit: millimeter

    Model (KD-, KM-)A: screen widthB: screen heightC: stand widthD: height with standE: screen depthF: stand depthG: front stand depth
    75X80K, 75X80xK16759621329104185412157
    65X80K, 65X80xK, 65X81xK 1452836120990682339133
    55X80K, 55X80xK, 55X81xK 1233713106178381339133
    50X80K, 50X81xK111964966571678288112
    43X80K, 43X81xK96456366562977288112

    Mounting on a wall

    TV dimensions labeled from A through G

    Unit: millimeter

    Model (KD-, KM-)A: screen widthB: screen heightC: wall-mount bracket hole distance (W)D: wall-mount bracket hole distance (H)E: bracket hole distance to side of screenF: bracket hole distance to top of screen
    75X80K, 75X80xK1675962300300688520
    65X80K, 65X80xK, 65X81xK,1452836300300576393
    55X80K, 55X80xK, 55X81xK1233713300300467270
    50X80K, 50X81xK1119649200200460308
    43X80K, 43X81xK964563200200382222
    • G: M6 holes for wall mount bracket
    • For screw length information, refer to the instruction manual.

    For product protection and safety reasons, Sony recommends that mounting your TV on the wall is done by Sony dealers or licensed contractors. Make sure you use the specified Wall-Mount Bracket. For details, refer to the TV manual.